The report you requested on October 28 requesting my view on equipment to be purchased and hiring of a fruit vendor. The research process has been through thick and thin, meeting the experts and hearing out their views. Looking at their views, weighing individual’s limitations, conducting research and coming out with the final logics basing on different people and personal research. Here is the final report. The collection of data has been systematic this is as illustrated below;


Collection of data took place in two ways both in primary method and secondary way. Primary way is a direct collection of data; this can be done through surveys, direct interviews and doing survey personally. Interviews; I conducted from users technicians and sellers. Secondary collection of data refers to gathering information that is already available, the methods of secondary collection of data include; collection of data through internet, libraries, archives, magazines, articles or owner manuals.


Interviewing is the activity of asking someone questions to see whether they are able to do the course, pursue the job or identify if the product being offered is efficient. I met the general leader of Pixel hotel I invited her for a cup of coffee and asked her qualities to observer when looking for a fruit vendor .he talked about hard work, the vendor should be hard working for the sake of customer’s satisfaction and he should be clean too. The manager concluded by saying that the vendor should be with good communication skills, this will help during serving customers and general staff communication.

I met with several technicians when discussing about computer system, they all emphasized on CPU of the computer it should be able to serve many customers at a time without crushing. Some explained the concept basing on recent Tailor Swift concert where Ticketmaster crushed due to overloaded customers on the site trying to access tickets. The system should be average in processing instances as shown below;

Task manager 100% 95% 98% Minimal
system 100% 60% 78% Minimal
Windows explore 90% 93% 60% minimal


Survey is a predetermined set of questions that is given to a sample and can be described in different computations after its analysis. I conducted the surveys at individual whereby I looked for research questions and surveyed on them. Examples of the questions include; why ticketmaster crushed ,why is the best computer for streaming ,what is the best computer for medical practitioners ,which are the best trucks trending, which are this trucks with highest horse power, the trucks with low fuel consumption, the qualities of a fruit vendor, how to identify a fruit vendor with better communication skills ever.

In a span of three days I got the answers to my questions, I visited restaurants observed how fruit vendors work, and analyzed the survey .Secondly, I visited the biggest electronic shop  observed the computers and read the manuals on them ,the ones with largest processing unit I sampled out and observed other qualities like durability. Lastly, visiting the truck company was not easy more so I was denied entrance claiming that I should show out the permission card but after a long day of begging I entered the company .The trucks were aligned with their prices tagged and features ,I observed and found out that Scania type was expensive and with the highest horse power.


Other than communication, internet is also used widely for research purposes .The best truck according to news is Ram, Ford, Honda, GMC, Chevrolet, Nissan and Toyota. Basing  on fruit vendors work is to persuade customers to purchase merchandise or services ,he \she can write and record orders to computer  and circulate among potential customers or travel by foot, truck , or bicycle to deliver and sell merchandise or services. On computers Lenovo is the largest at the time of writing; it stands to reason that Lenovo has the most products. The other site stated that the best computer in 2022 is Dell with classic towers, sleek-in-towers. The Verge named the best laptops as follows;

Best laptop size
Apple MacBook M2
MacBook pro 14-inch and 16-inch
HP spectra M1
Asus ROG G15


The CBC magazines indicated that a good fruit vendor should have a persuasive language and should be literate or can use the computer during recording of data. According to business site the best truck is Ram with the highest horse power of 800hp.


In conclusion, the effectiveness of a computer makes it more expensive, the MACBOOK PRO is more expensive but it’s the best computer .The best truck is Ram with the largest horse power of 800hp; this means it can carry heavier materials than other trucks.

The computers are severally and some methods other than relying on computer should be used, example is simplifying data before recording to the computer and also ensuring proper maintenance of computer.

The vendor qualities are clear communication, literacy, able to persuade customer and have proper ethical rules.


Computers should be maintained too, in spite of choosing the best one but without proper maintenance they are capable of crushing, ticketmaster after invasion of many clients it crushed, I would recommend use of face verification, assigning codes, sale and resale of tickets and basing on importance of not using cards ids to reduce paper costs.

The best truck is Ram due to more advantages outweighing the disadvantages and higher horse power than other kinds of trucks .trucks too should be maintained, ensure oiling ,greasing, tightening bolts, cleaning and also regular repair for it to be long lasting.

The fruit vendor should have some definite qualities example should be able to communicate clearly; he/she should be able to use a computer, should know to drive the truck, should be persuasive and should maintain better hygiene.



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