Sample Technology Essay Paper on Video Games

Video games are the most sought-after source of entertainment. Today, a vast majority of people opt to purchase video games as their primary source of entertainment.  Aside from being used for entertainment purposes, video games serve a plethora of functions, such as education, physical exercise, therapy, and communication. Some of the widely known video games include shooter, role-playing, and platform games. Undoubtedly, the popularity of electronic games is constantly increasing, partly because people can access them on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.   Different age groups and genders spend varied amounts of time playing video games.


 Since the innovation of video games, studies have revealed that a higher percentage of the players are male with a small percentage of female participants. According to research studies, the industry is widely dominated by men as opposed to women who mainly focus on art, animation, and other industries (Wolf 247).  The gender disparities of the players can be attributed to various factors.  Foremost, most of the electronic games portray violence. While typically men are thrilled by the violent nature depicted these games, females are repelled by them. Moreover, most of the game’s characters are of the male gender with only a few characters being female. Thus, only a few female players would be fascinated by them where a majority of the female population would remain uninterested.   I chose to interview 20 randomly selected respondents to prove the hypothesis of male players dominating the digital game industry. Out of the 20 individuals, 12 were men whereas 8 were women.  This findings support the hypothesis that there are more male players in than female players.

Fig 1.1: A bar graph showing gender disparities on the respondents

Aside from men dominating the total population of video gamers, the average age of a player was found to be 25.1 years. However, the average age of a female video game player was 26 whereas the average age of her male counterpart was 24.5 years. This clearly indicates that most men start playing video games at a tender age.

Time Spent

The average time spent in gaming by the respondents is 5.6 hours per week. This study survey also revealed that women spend more time on video games in comparison to the men. Women play for an average of 6 hours per week whereas men would spend an average of 5.3 hours per week.

Fig 2.1: A bar graph showing the average time spent on video games per week

Devices used

From the graph below, approximately 63% of the female respondents i.e. 5 out of the 8 preferred using Console to play their video games.  On the flip side, more males preferred the use of the personal computers whereas only a few preferred using other devices.

GenderDevices UsedCount of Devices Used%
MHandheld System210%
Grand Total  20100%

Table 1.0: A table showing the different devices used by most electronic game players

Fig 3.1: A bar graph showing the different electronic game devices used by female and male players

Game Preferences

The results of this survey reveal that the fact that more females are appealed to play certain games such as trivial, word and puzzle games. They prefer playing puzzle and trivia games as they find it enjoyable, challenging and exciting at the same time (Wolf 246). On the other hand, male gamers are attracted to action-oriented and violent video games because of their competitive aspect. Furthermore, they confessed that they take pleasure in gaining skill and expertise by playing violent video games (Wolf 247).

Fig 4.1: A bar-chart showing the highly rated video games by the female and male players

In conclusion, this study clearly shows the fast-evolving nature of digital games with regards to who the players are the purpose of these games and the devices used to play them. Also, with the advent of technology advancements, electronic games have been made readily available to people of all ages, race and gender.  As a matter of fact, these games are purported have evolved from being a technological trick to being an electronic novelty, a toy and more recently, a tool for education studies and therapy.  Amid the current digital era, much evolution is expected with regards to new genres of video games platforms for playing and a change in content.


Wolf, Mark J. P. Encyclopedia of Video Games: The Culture, Technology, and Art of Gaming. Santa Barbara, Calif: Greenwood, 2012. Print.