Sample Sports Research Paper on Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing

The article “Effects of Sport Celebrity Transgressions: An Exploratory Study” written by Sassenberg in 2015 presents a conceptual model, which was developed on the basis of the results of four focus groups. The primary goal of this article is to show in what ways sport celebrity transgressions affect the brand image that in turn increase or decrease the sales of an organization (Sassenberg, 2015). With the help of the participants of focus groups who are the potential consumers of sport product, Sassenberg revealed that sport celebrity transgressions may have a positive impact on the sport-related brand attributes that in turn affect the image of the brand and its intrinsic properties. Thus, it can be noticed that the main advantage of this article lies in the fact that it focuses on the detailed research of the issue and draws its conclusion on the basis of the responses of respondents. The main disadvantage of the research lies in the fact that it was restricted only to Australian consumers that do not allow to apply the results to the international consumers.

In my opinion, the author did a great job as he not only summarized the findings in a model derived from Keller’s research on brand image but also incorporated additional factors relevant to the sport. Furthermore, he proved the fact that the value of the sport celebrity is strongly related to the brand image even in the case when transgressions occurred (Sassenberg & Morgan, 2010). Being an effective medium in communicating marketers’ messages, celebrities can affect the consciousness of consumers in different ways that in turn create favorable or unfavorable conditions for the further development of a brand and its products on the market (Dix, 2009). That is why it can be said that Sassenberg managed to support the point of view that sport celebrities significantly influence people to purchase a product even when various transgressions take place (Prakash & Shamala, 2014).


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