Sample Sport Research Paper on Concussion Problems in Professional Sports

Concussion Problems in Professional Sports

Research outline

Problem Statement

Concussions are reportedly the most challenging injuries in professional sports and also the most problematic to deal with. Despite being common in football, the problem also prevails in other professional games such as Hockey, martial arts and some forms of wrestling. In the last year alone it is reported to have risen by about 58 percent, a high percentage regarding the previous years’ reports (Nathaniel, 2016). This is indicative of the difficulty involved in finding the solution to this problem. Moreover, the exact cause of concussions during professional training and league games is still unknown. This makes the determination of possible solutions difficult in that a solution can never be complete and effective if the cause of the problem is known. The NFL speculates that concussions during professional games occur due to helmet – helmet impacts and that it can be resolved partially through educating the players on the values of understanding the signs and symptoms of concussions even during pay (Breslow, 2016).

Research Hypothesis:

Following the need to research on this area of difficulty, a research will be carried out on the subject of concussions in professional sports. The following hypotheses are:

H1: Head impacts are the leading cause of concussion problem in professional sports

Possible Outcomes:

The key outcomes expected from the proposed study are the average rate of concussions per week, the possible causes of concussions in professional sports and the mitigation measures for concussions in professional sports.

Operational Definitions:

The following words will be used in the research paper extensively hence their definitions given herein should be taken to mean whatever is included in this definition.

Concussion – Head injuries resulting from impacts involving the head. It results in fatigue and

Professional Sports – Professional Football league competitions. ‘Sports’ is a general term referring to competitions in the global context but it should be used to refer to football in this context, because of the prevalence of concussion among the professional football players.


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