Sample Song Reviews on People Everyday and Ex-factor

Album:3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life of…

Singer: Arrested Development

Song:People Everyday

The song is simply a hidden truth about life style of the Arrested Development. The song follows a story where the groups were in an afternoon stroll, then things quickly escalated to a physical confrontation. The song writer, Speech, use the old Billy-Jack style to preach peace in the song. The song was Arrested Development’s response to the song trend of that time, Gangster Rap. The song is somehow similar to Everyday People sang by Sly and the Family Stone because it uses a basic structure and a chorus. It incorporates the works of other artists such as Dionne Farris and Bob James in some parts of the lyrics. At the end of the song, the producer incorporates the message “don’t try at home” just in case issues arose condemning some lyrics of the song. Generally, the song uses perfect toning, instrumentals, and hook.

Album: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Artists: Lauryn


The song seems to be of low profile and lack-luster due to deficiency in riffs and suitable rhymes. In record, the artists sound good but the lack of passion and energy is noticeable in their performance. Additionally, the artists lack imagination gauging from their poor performance in most of the audio clips. The song is also controversial because they seem to focus much on their former band mate Wycliffe Jean. Most of the lyrics seem to attach Wycliffe Jean thus making it a hate figure song. On a positive note, the song’s use of instrumentals is top class and is incomparable to the songs of that time. Most artists such as Monster, Holly Miranda, Nate James, and Bayonne approve that the song could have been a potential hit had it been sung well.