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            Maternity Leave

            Elexsis Junious, your comment offers some insight into the maternity leave in the United States. The government seems to be less concerned about employees seeking maternity leave benefits. It is true that the government need to introduce some changes in the employment sector. A 90 days paid maternity leave Granted to pregnant employees is a short period. Healing and taking care of the infant takes time hence need to consider extending the ninety day period. Thus, the country should avert the strategy in use.  On the other hand, it is interesting to know that other countries apply a long period of paid maternity leave towards women maternity leave. This is the way to go for the United States when it comes to the health matters. This will not only offer comfort to the individual worker but also to their families.

            April Gates

            I concur with you April Gates that United States of America lag behind on matters of maternity leave. In addition, family and medical leave also present a challenge to workers. In most cases, employers fail to commit to pay employees for the time they spend out of work. Employers exercise the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) in diverse ways. Some exercise it in the right manner while others ignore it. The time taken to grant payment for the leave may range from one year to two years. This move should be discouraged and condemned in the strongest terms possible.  Family Medical Leave Policy protects employee’s job for taking unpaid leave for various reasons as specified by the worker. It infers that employee’s job security is assured within a period of twelve weeks within a year. Employees will take advantage of this leave to attend to family matters.