Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Women and Work

Women and Work

 John Weigel, I totally agree with you that children suffer due to domestic violence. Women and children bear the greatest loss in the event violence occurs. In addition, men are the main accomplices of these acts. Family annihilation has been used by the courts in dealing with family disputes. It refers to a person who conducts an assault. Some of the cases that involve the murder of family members have drawn government attention. In most cases, the accomplices are people suffering from mental illness or stress. This drives men into committing of unwelcomed acts.

Emily Foster, I find your post inspiring because of the issues discussed. First, schools and judicial system imposed rules and regulations that facilitated discrimination towards women. For example, The Franklin County Community School Corp prepared different schedules for male and female student’s games. This brings in an element of inequality among genders. Due to the increased demand for equality in the society, courts and schools are rescheduling their primetime nights plan to incorporate equal opportunities for all participants/students.  Thus, discrimination should be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

Elexsis Junious, I tend to buy your idea that women should not be treated as men’s properties.  This is because men will take the advantage of the prevailing notion that women should submit themselves to men. In most cases, sexual/rape violence is treated as a domestic case hence not accorded much weight. Married men should respect their wives in that sexual desire should emanate from both partners.

I really appreciate your contribution Jonathan Talbert. Sexual harassment at work place is a common phenomenon that has been practiced for a long time. Women on the other hand need protection from harassment at their work stations through implementation of various laws.