Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Women and Immigration Law

Women and Immigration Law

Response to Comment One

I agree with you Elexsis Junious, women in America do not find it easy in enjoying their rights in America due to the fact that the society is male dominated. Women undergo suffering and the most disheartening part of this is that they suffer in solitude. They lack avenues which can aide them overcome their sufferings. Violence against immigrants has a long standing impact on women as compared to men. The abuses range from both sexual to social violence, leaving women at a compromising situation as to whether the laws available are for formalities or they aim at protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals.

It is however disheartening that with all the knowledge of how immigrant women in American are at a greater risk of experiencing sexual crimes when comparing with the other races, the federal government does not enact the necessary measures that will ensure these cases are done away with. The rape cases that are reported against the non native members of the American society is a clear indication that the laws in place do not serve the interests of all individuals as justice is not guaranteed to these women. 

The legal systems are also biased as cases against natives are prolonged with the resultant ruling either minimal penalty or dismissal. In other instances where rules are made in favor of the natives, the cases are later reversed in favor of the natives without proper grounds.

Response to Comment 2

Thanks B. P for your comments, the restrictions binding women who seek to escape from their abusers have legal background, most of this cases arise because majority of the women abused are from the minority races and others lack residential permits that identify them as either immigrants or American citizens by registration. The constitution provides for equal rights and treatment for all individuals regardless of the gender, race or political affiliation. The 2013 violence against women act agitated for arrest and confinement of individuals who indulge in violence against women.

As stated above, women are regarded as minors and are afraid of reporting their abusers due to the gains they receive from their abusers. The financial aid and housing that they receive binds them to report their abusers now that most cases of abuse arise from individuals who are dependent on others.

The 2013 bill is indeed very shallow and there is need to expand it to include all aspects while it breaks downs the violence that are subjected on women. There are many forms of violence subjected against women, specifying sexual assault and domestic violence without breaking down how these forms of violence are interpreted is unlawful.

The laws were written with a narrow viewpoint to protect the offenders because most of them are the majority races which regard themselves as the natives. Since they are involved in law making, they tend to enact laws that will work in their favor. Expanding the laws to be cross cutting among all races would be a failure on their part as they do not regard themselves as equals to the immigrants.

In other instances, where rules are made in favor of the natives, the cases are later reversed in favor of the natives without proper grounds. To ensure that sanity is restored and immigrants are regarded as equals in America, proper legislation should be done and reformation of the legal system be enacted.