Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Theories on Religion

Theories on Religion

The two theories of religion include the structural functionalism theory and symbolic interactions theory. Functionalism theory states that a society is a structure of interrelated parts that entails individual social needs as well as their psychological needs. Just like the parts of the body each part plays an important role for the welfare of the whole body. If one organ fails to function well, the whole body suffers. Religion is a structural function of the society that promotes people spiritual needs. People pay tribute to the deities who protect their lives and their properties. Failure to observe and follow the laid down rules and regulation by the religious body results to undesirable outcomes for an individual.  Obedience to the rules leaves an individual on the safe side of the religion observance.  Symbolic interaction theory on the other hand stipulates that the spiritual harmony that religious observance derive from their experience with deities makes them happy. This interaction is healthy for spiritual growth.

Three key terms

Sociology is a study that lay much weight on people’s behavior and their interaction techniques. Therefore, people are defined by the type of relationship they establish amongst themselves.

Culture on the other hand is defined as people way of life and observance to natural laws. It differs from one community to the other.

Social control refers to the management of the social functions that enables families live and observe the social norms.

The sociology unit concentrates on people’s social behavior. These behaviors are observed in a variety of activities such as religious observance, political orientation and cultural practices. It is a broad unit that involves a lot of human action which are defined by the outcomes of an event. However, behavior takes the centre stage in sociology as a study.