Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Sports Logos and Racism

Sports Logos and Racism

Racism in sport is as old as time among the American Indian citizens. America is diverse and among its diverse populations are several; tribes with their own backgrounds and history. The Indians make a huge contribution to the society due to the vat swathes they are in charge of.

Racism in sports and the use of logos for derogatory purposes has been extremely harmful to good sportsmanship and has only led to stereotyping of the American people. The logos were mostly made to ridicule the native people residing in America. The intention however was to achieve racial parity within the American society but this was not to be. The logos have serious racial connotations meant to insult and this has been an impediment to sport being a uniting factor as it was meant to be. These logos are not only tribal but have contributed to the low esteem levels present among sportsmen and women (Dalaney and Madigan 2005:287).

The lack of positive recognition has also increased the suicide levels among players. To end the use of race and logos meant to ridicule and stereotype the American society, various government departments and organizations have taken the bold initiative. The American Psychological Association called for the withdrawal of such logos. The America sociological Association has also called for the discontinuation of racial logos and other forms of racisms. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People through its resolution adopted in 1999 called on all national sports institutions, schools and all other sports organizers to end the use of logos that ridicule the Native Americans as a way or showing their respects for cultural diversification and respect for cultural differences in the society.


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