Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Poverty in Canada

Topic 1: Poverty in Canada


According to an article in Global news titled child poverty up in Canada since 1989, new research finds, child poverty has surged in Canada (Erica, 2017). Further studies have consistently affirmed the assertion that nearly five million people in Canada are currently trapped in poverty (Erica, 2017). This situation has predominantly spread across the country to an extent of greatly affecting the vulnerable members of society such as people living with disabilities, elderly, single parents, youth and children. Effects of poverty in Canada can effectively be expressed in respect to quality of life, food security, health, education and housing. Specifically, child poverty has been on the rise making children and youth under 18 years to be vulnerable to the vise. Statistically, studies reveal that 8 percent of children in British Columbia live in poverty with children under the age of 6 representing an even higher poverty rate of 20.1 percent (Erica, 2017). Furthermore, it has been established that 40 percent of Indigenous children in Canada live in poverty and 60 percent of indigenous children on reserves live in poverty (Erica, 2017).   When broken down it means that in Canada, nearly one in five children live in poverty.

Effects of Poverty on Canadian Children

In Canada, surging child poverty means that children are potentially deprived of human rights and access to basic resources fundamental for their growth, development and needs. This is supported by assertions of numerous researchers and scholars who avow that children growing up in environmental settings characterized by violations of human rights and deprived basic resources have reduced abilities to be productive adults (Naseem & Hamilton, 2016). In this particular article, children face huge threats in respect to growth because there is a tendency to neglect their needs that are broadly different from those of adults. For instance, poverty ensures that children are deprived of opportunities to access educational services because they cannot afford basic commodities and equipment to enable them learn effectively. Further, poverty negatively impacts on their health because they cannot access basic health care facilities and services. These children suffer mentally and spiritually thus affecting their growth and development. For that matter, it is worth mentioning that poverty impacts on cognitive development of children, affects personal aspirations and interfere with self-worth and perceptions.

Propose Remedy

Based on this article, as a remedy measure, stakeholders and people from other quarters are calling for federal government to devise federal standards to help in stamping out poverty along with targeted federal spending on affordable housing and child care. It is reported that such measures can effectively stomp out child poverty in Canada (Naseem & Hamilton, 2016). For instance, the article outlines the need for federal government to provide funding to provinces and territories with great poverty prevalence to aid social assistance programs. The federal government should provide or enforce measures of ensuring affordable housing facilities to enable parents devote income to children welfare to eradicate poverty. This is anchored on the assertion that in 2011, 42 percent of households in such a predicament were devoting over half of their income to housing (Naseem & Hamilton, 2016). Therefore, federal governments hope to reduce the number of households in core housing needs as a new strategy of eradicating the menace from society. Further, federal government needs to step in and assist in child care as a way of assisting the vulnerable.


Poverty has been a problem in Canada especially to children who are deprived of their basic human rights and resources fundamental for their growth. So, children are affected in many ways such as access to poor health services and instigated poor mental and cognitive development. For that matter, federal governments are advised to come up with robust measures to address housing and child care problems.


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