Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Migrating for Education

Migrating for Education


Is the issue being politicized?

It is my belief that the issue of immigrants is being politicized. Despite the wealth of statistical evidence pointing to the fact that immigrants add more benefits than costs to the destination country, and that they in no way adversely affect employment, immigrants are still castigated. What is ironic is that the issue comes to the surface either during election time or when economic conditions deteriorate. Politicians always have to find a scapegoat for when things are not going right. Politicians act on the anti-immigrant sentiment and blame them for the chronic unemployment since these views are easier to digest for the citizens. Immigrants provide an easier target for dodging hard economic questions. By labelling immigrants as either terrorist, drug peddlers, or competitors for jobs, politicians spread fear and hatred so that they can push their agenda of closing the borders off.

Response to comment

It is true that most students migrate for the opportunity. Most student immigrants come from developing nations that have an inadequate supply of university places to cater for the high demand, so their only choice is to study abroad. Other students also escape hardships such as wars that make it impossible to study in their home nations. Additionally, some students take advantage of the free tuition offered by some countries such as Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

The migration opportunities offered by some destination nations favor immigrants, and these students view overseas studies as a stepping stone to attaining permanent residency status. Not all immigrant students wish for permanent residency, however. Some seek to learn in a nation with a more advanced educational system than their own while others desire to study in a language different than their first one. Others want to learn the traditions, business culture, and technologies of their destination countries and then use these to develop their nations of origin. It is not that these students like studying abroad, it is just that studying abroad affords them better opportunities.