Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Interdisciplinary in the Study of Culture and Society

            Interdisciplinary allows a broad and analytical approach to culture and society studies in different ways. It allows these disciplines to sit along and between the edges of other disciples as well as allowing transgression and invasion of their protocols and procedures. This means that interdisciplinary allows a certain discipline to involve or draw on other branches of knowledge. The exchange would involve either two disciplines or more that are combined to come up with one collective activity. The aims and intentions remitted by cultural studies are guided towards a specific public reception. Such receptions allow cultural studies to garner a strategic mission which would be pedagogically and politically effective. Interdisciplinary also provides clarifications towards the roles and orientations that cultural studies could provide for positive impact in different instances such as politically, ethically and academically. The role of interdisciplinarity in cultural and society studies is therefore a tool used to teach about societal impact through cultural studies.

            Individual activities would not be able to lead to societal organization. When people act in some kind of collectivity, it is not correct to assume that interaction is present. To coordinate social practice activities, there is need for humans to communicate, hence the development of a common language that is necessary in the development of tool-making for particular human activities (Capone, 15). Human activities on the other hand aim at the task of overcoming societal tendencies that come off as habitual contrasts. A different view or rather new knowledge is acquired or borrowed from one discipline and used to support another like cultural studies is used to support society studies making it one discipline (Capone 19). This breeds inequality versus equality, common good versus personal preferences, and facts versus views among others.

            The social issue of immigration in America and Europe today would be a good example of application of the concepts behind culture and society. Looking at this issue, one comes to a conclusion that reproduction of society is bent on the roles that activity and interaction play (Crockett 12). The integration of immigrants and their children into American society seems to be a diverse issue. This is owed to the fact that despite being immigrants, they affect the society both positively and negatively in terms of labor, markets, demographically and crime. However, in one way or the other, they bring about cultural diversity through intermarriages which brings about mixed feelings of both acceptance and rejection. As seen earlier in the discussion, this brings about equality versus inequality as it raises different societal issues such as employment, crime, education, and cultural ethnicity among others. While some people believe that the arrival of predominantly nonwhite immigrants would displace native workers, others believe that it brings diversity that bears different approaches which would be important in societal building (Crockett 27). This shows that others believe that immigrants play a big social role in in strengthening some of the best American traditions and revitalize neighborhoods that are otherwise decaying.

            It might not be possible to solve all controversies involving immigrants even after enactment of restrictions against immigrants but many immigrants have been absorbed into the American mainstream. As much as some have participated in criminal activities, they have also made enormous contributions towards most American institutions as they brought a taste of something different. This shows that interdisciplinary in the study of culture and society could be deemed important and unavoidable. To create a positive societal impact, cultural studies need to borrow from other disciplines.

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