Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Immigration


Question 1-Race and Crime

In 1965, the federal government made several amendments concerning immigration. One of the reforms made was the need to eliminate national-origin and racial discrimination. Today, studies have showed that most immigrants are involved in crimes, but it varies with the country of origin. How does the Federal government treat immigrants from countries which have reported high crime rates, without discriminating against them?

Question 2-Race and Public Housing

Economic and social hardship, accompanied by residential racial segregation in the public housing creates burden in the lives of many immigrants. What steps does the government take to ensure this type of segregation is minimized or eradicated completely?

Immigration Reforms

Most of the immigrants mainly move to the United States to find a better life. Millions who are in the country without proper documentations are because of the huge lines found at the immigration offices. Apart from the few who have criminal minds, many immigrants prefer to live in peace with their families and enjoy tranquility, which they missed in their country of origin. The present immigration system is broken and cause more suffering to these people.

Some of the immigrants are separated from their families, those who work are exploited and others even die in the process of crossing the border. Any reform that removes automatic penalties that are most likely to lead an immigrant being deported is welcomed and should be promoted at all costs. Having people on immigration detention is not a fair act. The detentions are not only inhuman but also expensive to the government. These together with other unfair practices make the demand for reforms very timely must be accorded all the necessary support.