Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Hypothesis


            Most of the politicians use corrupt actions and methods in making people to vote for them contrary to the provisions of law that supports equality and eradication of corruption actions in political activities.

 Independent variable


 Who are the people? How do the people influence the voters? It seeks to identify the nature of people influencing the voters.

 Dependent Variable

  Corrupt actions and behaviors

 The nature of actions and behaviors of the politicians that is corrupt and contrasts the acceptable laws and regulations in the society.

 Theoretical Framework

 Generally, the politicians have been discovered to engage in increased corruption actions and behaviors during elections. Their actions and behaviors can be explained by their desire to lure many voters to their camp.  The increased feuding used by politicians also alters the democracy of people by the manipulation of the normal results of the voters.  The corrupt actions and behavior including bribery are not acceptable in any society.  If the politicians would not use finances for campaigns, the results obtained from the election processes would be free and fair.  Even though some of the politicians understand the nature of election regulations, they are usually ready to support the compliance with the regulations. However, it is expected that all politicians will engage in unacceptable actions to gain the votes. The citizens are used to receiving bribes from the politicians in order to vote for them. This creates a serious concern on the ability to eradicate the vice. This is because the voters always expect the politicians to pay some money for their votes. In spite of the illegality of the corrupt actions, the politicians usually use such actions to get votes.