Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence against women has been taking place for a long time. Women representation in the judiciary, prison, and policing jobs is very low despite efforts to equalize gender in government and private employment. This portrays a picture of male chauvinism and sexual harassment against women who feel threatened to join these organizations for they fear the negative repercussions. I therefore buy out your ideas on women underrepresentation in policing work; instigated by the harassment they face from their colleagues, supervisor and senior male officers. Therefore, the call for prison reforms is valid. It will ensure that women occupy fifty percent of the vacancies and jobs in these institutions.


It is true that media is the most influential tool that a country can apply in preaching gender equality. However, media application has undermined the efforts by women to raise their representation in public service. Sources such as video, film and songs clearly indicates social discrimination based on sex and race against women in the society through the content aired. Comparing this to Humphries text, we find that the media has not been on the forefront in the championing of women right and freedom. As a powerful tool, I expect that it would influence the society to embrace and exercise equality especially when it comes to employment issues.

Women in Law

Polygamy in primetime has given women another chance to live happily with their husbands. I therefore concur with you in this because many widows, unmarried women, and poor women have found a place to call home after struggling alone. They also get support from the husband’s family to rear children. However, the image portrayed in the media tends to demystify polygamy as a backward practice.