Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Context Analysis

Context Analysis

Sampling Frame:  Editorials viewed between November 5th to 10th

Coding Scheme: whether the ideas portrayed by the publications are either Liberal or Conservative.

  • LiberalWhether the ideas brought by the publications portray equality in all aspects that the writer brought out in different aspects such as opportunities. In addition, states whether the ideas portrayed are driven towards protection of the rights of civilians as well as the government’s efforts to solve internal and external issues that they face.
  • Conservative Presents cases of individualistic characters, instances where people make personal decisions at the expense of the entire nation, free trade relations between states and countries.

Categories; Oil pipeline,

  • election
  • economic status
  •  peace
  • foreign relations
  •  governance


From the analysis, the Wall Street Journal editorial had a more conservative focus as compared to The New York Times. The contrasting nature was reached out by observing the key phrases with which the majority of comments reflect view. It all makes for very informative and intellectually stimulating reading. Its comments and analysis emanate from a specific standpoint. We believe and trust in his wisdom, integrity, and decency. We are against all breaches on individual rights, irrespective of whether they emanate from efforts at private monopoly, monopoly in labor unions context, or from a crowded overgrowing administration.