Sample Sociology Essay Paper on A class divided

           A class divided was a TV play that was put forward by Jane Elliot who tried discussing discrimination, racism, and prejudices with her students at the third-grade level. In the game, Jane began a two-day exercise on “blue eyes/brown eyes” with the aim of reinforcing the idea of discrimination racism. In practice, Jane gave preferential treatment to the blue-eyed, and this made them feel superior to the brown-eyed students in the classroom. The next day, Jane favored the brown-eyed students and in observance the group that favored performed enthusiastically in class, with quick response to questions and with lots of accuracies. On the other hand, those who discriminated upon were hesitant in answering questions gave uncertain answers and performed poorly in their tests too.

The play by Ms. Elliots relates closely to those in power at the beginning of the history of the USA and how they created a culture where prejudice, discrimination, and racism can grow. The story depicts the real situation on the ground where motivation comes with the reinforcement given. The history of USA had racism, prejudice, and discrimination against those in power trying to win more supporters and voters. The situation comes out with the development of the party system of USA.

In the first US party system, two political parties were involved. The Federalists and the Republicans. Each party was determined to control the presidency of the nation. Therefore, it meant trying to win as many voters as possible to their side. In the states, the parties supported the groups of people whom they were hopeful of winning their support. The federalists appealed to the business community for their help while the Republicans appealed to the farmers. It saw the involved parties go to every state with an attempt to win the support of the citizens. The political ideologies closely relate to the story of Ms.Elliot, A Divided Class. The politician promotes prejudice and discrimination in their campaign strategies. Like Ms.Elliot, the politicians reinforce the group of people from whom they want the positive response, in this case, the voters.

In the second party system of USA, there was the application of prejudice and discrimination. With the increased number of political parties, the political parties are now spread in all states with each political party trying to win the voters by supporting the interests of the various states. To get a positive response from her students, Ms. Elliot gives positive reinforcement and encouragement. The same applies to the second party system whereby the parties involved support the economic activities of the various states to get their votes in return. By so doing they promote prejudice and discrimination in the state giving more preference to their supporters (David 116).

In this social construction, there is prejudice, discrimination, and racism; those in power are the ones who tend to benefit more. By promoting prejudice and discrimination, they can win the support of the voters who are motived by the favors they get from them. From the example of Ms.Elliots play, the positive reinforcement aimed at getting a positive response from one group and discouraging the other lot. By so doing, the teacher can get a positive response and a lively class although from a smaller group in the classroom.

The voters in the country got harmed because of being used as avenues through which the political leaders can promote their selfish interests. As seen earlier, the political leaders from various political parties support one group of voters at the expense of the other merely because they did not help their political ideologies. Its ha, therefore, has seen an unequal distribution of resources and those who suffer are the voter or the citizens. Looking at the play by Ms. Elliot, the preferred group of students benefited at the expense of those discriminated. In this case, therefore, the students suffer as the teacher is trying to attain class attention.

In conclusion, the video by Ms. Elliot depicts the kind of society that was created by the leaders. A society characterized by discrimination, prejudice, and racism with the leaders trying to promote their interests. There was much similarity seen between the video A Class Divided and the doings of those in power at the beginning of the nation.

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