Sample Sociology Coursework Paper on Cyberbullying

Soc Week 9

Online bullying refers to the use of technology to threaten, embarrass, or harass another person. Online bullying can result in a high risk of depression, stress related issues, and anxiety on both the bullies and victims. Studies indicate that most children who are bullied are at an increased risk for attempts, and suicidal thoughts. Online bullying also has a medical effect on the bullied ( 1). It results to psychological and emotional effects because the affected, especially children do not look for help for the harm they experience when they are bullied. The depressed youth may later on transfer the anger to other people around them. One may opt to revenge the bullies who initially made them become depressed. Psychologically, the bullied person can start having livid thoughts ( 1). Online bullying also has an effect on the academics of a child. It is true that a stressed person cannot concentrate on his class work.

The internet is recognized as a type of international meeting place where individuals from all over the earth come together. It is true that expanding amount of information on the internet yields harm than good. This is based on the following reasons; firstly, information in the internet can be misleading because it may not be accurate. It would be absurd for any person to believe that information on the internet is true. Any person will post information on the internet, as a result, one should always assess the source of information. Secondly, by accessing internet information, and one exposes his machine to viruses. They may lead to loss of important information or make the device to crash. There is likelihood that anyone accessing information on the internet through downloading any content.

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