Sample Sociology Book Review Paper on Truman Show Movie

Truman Show Movie

Question One

The ‘social experiment’ of Truman’s life was portrayed positively as the real world without problems. The life is near perfection as everything an individual would ever require in life. He had a lively wife, a comfortable house, and normal life free of any abnormalities (Brearley & Sabbadini, 434). The positive and regular life Truman had made him become suspicious of his life. According to Christof, the world he had offered Truman was free of violence and pain (Bishop, 10).

The life is portrayed negatively through the perspective of Truman’s real lover, Sylvia. Although the actor had been warned against becoming friendlier, Sylvia, also known as Lauren reveals to Truman the truth concerning his life during their escapade in their final High School year. Sylvia is taken away from him to Fiji so he can fall in love with the fixed wife, Meryl (Brearley & Sabbadini, 437). After Truman knows the entire truth, Sylvia calls in to talk to Christof in the studio, and berates Christof for charading and imprisoning Truman in the mockery of life. To fight back, Christof states that life is indeed a prison where people cannot be fully satisfied.

Question Two

According to the Social contract theory, Truman had no privacy, which is a right for every individual. His personal life is a broadcast around the globe with an omnipresent surveillance camera. The issue of privacy is not resolved until the end when Truman overcomes the fear of water and escapes (Brearley & Sabbadini, 438). Christof suspends the live broadcast to look for him. This issue is not solved in the movie. In my situation, I would have offered the protagonist an opportunity to exercise his privacy, a case that is against the rules of the movie.

Truman failed to have a choice of his job, family, friends, and weather. His life is used to entertain the world and hence lacked in authenticity. The absence of preference is a violation of the principles of Kantianism. He is eventually offered a chance to go on with the life or begin a real life at the end. Personally, I feel Christof ought to have offered Truman the opportunity to choose right from the beginning. In my situation, I would have offered the protagonist an opportunity to choose some aspects in life such as a wife. This is because real life is short and priceless.

This entire movie is constructed in a lie. The life of the protagonist is a lie as a corporation adopts him. His friend continually lies to him despite remaining guilty most of the time, while his lovely wife advertises all that she buys making him become suspicious of his life. Making a person live an ostentatious life is ethically wrong (Rickitt, 209). The issue is resolved when Truman is eventually offered a chance to go on with the life or begin a real life at the end. However despite the bitterness, he chooses the latter making the movie ends.

Question Three

Several ethical issues have been portrayed. Among them is the issue of denial of Truman the right to travel and move freely. This is depicted in the numerous attempts he makes in moving to Fiji. He at one point entered the studio unknowingly, and was urgently removed as a breach of security. He has no choice as all his friends, neighborhood, and life are monitored.

 The ethics guiding company is also breached. The reality show is broadcasted without the permission of the actor (Rickitt, 209). It therefore becomes difficult to separate the humanity of Truman from the objectivity of the company. It is ethically challenging to assume the position of God as the controller and maker of the world. Christof assumes this position by ordering the life of the actors and even weather so Truman could remain in his pretentious life.

Question Four

The main reason why nearly everyone involved in the show agrees to exploit Truman is due to the personal desire to become wealthy. Meryl for instance has the unquenchable desire for material; she goes on advertising all her purchases. The actors have assumed all the positions due to lack of moral courage. When Sylvia was moved to tell Truman the truth, her family and her were moved to Fiji immediately. When Meryl failed to cope with the producer when she complained about the pain Truman was undergoing, she was eliminated. Norman’s guilty conscience made him lie severally to maintain his position.

Question Five

Television celebrities lack privacy in the lives, an aspect that further advances their career and fame as the world becomes more attracted to their intimate and beautiful privacy. However, this lack of privacy causes them fail to live their real life and have joy undefined by becoming themselves. They cannot enjoy real family time without the presence of an intruder.

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