Sample Sociology Book Review Essay Paper on Important Aspects from the Book

Important Aspects from the Book

The several aspects learned from the book are as follows:

  • It is possible for a person to spread his/ her culture and language to other parts of the world. The book states, “Languages spread geographically through a process of diffusion, and a distinction may be made between expansion diffusion and relocation diffusion.” (p. 26).
  • Through language, people can define their national identities and their political allegiances or affiliations. This is because there are languages that are spoken in specific regions. Since Arabic is a common language in the Middle East, it is easy to make a conclusion that an Arabic speaking person may have his/her roots in the Middle East.
  • Interaction among people may be enhanced through the influence of mass media. This is underscored by the fact that the interaction of people in the Middle East increased with the spread of mass media in the region.
  • Poor relationships among individuals are barriers to growth and development. The book states, “The tension within the Arab world has been a principal obstacle to achieving a greater measure of political unification”. (p. 28).
  • Effective and transparent leadership is one of the key factors that determine the success of a kingdom, country, or organization.
  • Strength is an aspect that must be exhibited in all platforms if success is to be achieved. In the book, weak kings and communities were overpowered and ended up losing control over their kingdoms.
  • Extravagance and splendor are vices that should be eliminated if growth and development are to be seen.
  • Having a tribal ancestry is prestigious, and this is what people with no proper genealogy wish for.
  • Engaging in violence and riots is not the best solution to disagreements or conflicts as it could catalyze the conflicts leading to death or destruction of property as opined in the book.
  • Interdependence is a crucial factor in life. In other words, no person or country can exist on its own without depending on others.

Essentially, each of the concepts listed above plays an integral role in critical thinking and personal development among individuals. The spread of culture and language enables individuals to acquire new experiences that influence critical thinking and personal development. The acquisition of language provides a platform where people can interact and relate, and this could result in personal development. The access to mass media influences interactions, and it is through the latter that individuals acquire new experiences that lead to their personal development. Critical thinking and personal development are dependent on the relationships among people. Thus, the book’s emphasis on the elimination of poor relationships is important. It should also be noted that aspects, such as effective and transparent leadership, strength, and extravagance and splendor influence how people think critically. Thus, an embrace of positivity for each of the mentioned aspects will play an integral role in the enhancement of positive critical thinking among individuals. On the other hand, it is hard for an individual to achieve personal development without identifying his tribal ancestry, and this underscores the importance of the book’s concept to personal development. The development of an individual personally and as a critical thinker can be restrained by factors, such as violence and riots, and this is why the elimination of violence, as opined by the book, is crucial for individuals to develop personally and as critical thinkers. Moreover, for a person to experience personal development, or develop as a critical thinker, he/she must depend on the support and experience of others, and this is known as interdependence. Without the latter, personal and critical thinking development would be compromised.

According to the information obtained from the book, having a sociological perspective means that individuals and countries focus on aspects that connect or bring them together, and identify them as one society.

Basing on the information obtained from the book, the functionalist theory best appeals to an individual understanding human behavior. The book emphasizes on interdependence and how it results in effective human behavior. The functionalist theory also emphasizes on interdependence and its contribution to the existence of people and countries as one society.