Sample Sociology Article Review Paper on Why and How to Improve Mental Health Services for Youths

Why and How to Improve Mental Health Services for Youths

 Article Review


The article “why and how to improve mental health services for youths” brings out very significant concepts on the subject of health services. Most severe mental illnesses usually start in the youthful stage. This is at the age of between 21 and 24. The young people are most susceptible to mental illnesses because of the states of lives they live. Most of the youths are exposed to lots of stressful conditions. The stresses arise because the young people are usually adventurous and would wish to try out anything that comes their way. Most of the trials end up in awful conditions especially those related to their social life. The stress sometimes leads to abuse of drug which later results into mental illnesses(Lieberman, 2016).This essay discusses how to improve mental health for the youths.

The article also offers vital information on the need to improve mental health among the young people. It regards it as the ultimate focus of mental health practitioners in the today’s world. This is due of to the fact that the world has been losing a large number of young people annually due to stress and mental illnesses. The first important step of how to improve mental health is supporting youth organizations in providing mental wellbeing services. These organizations or agencies are most suitable because they are usually accessible to every young person in the society. Moreover, the youth agencies or organizations in most situations reach out to all vulnerable youths who are at risk of having mental challenges (Lieberman, 2016).

The article also brings out useful concepts on mental conditions. The reason for using these agencies is because they also offer a good opportunity for the youths to interact and share their experiences about their mental conditions. As they talk about these conditions and challenges, solutions are found and interventions sort. Early interventions help to come up with better if not best health outcomes in future life. As they talk and share, they are offered an opportunity to promote mental well-being. The activities done by the mental agencies are crucial in the improvement of mental wellbeing (Lieberman, 2016).

There are great discussions in the article on various ways of improving mental well-being among the youths. This would create a culture of positivity and healthy living environment for the young generation. This culture is created by enhancing positive talks among the youths in the workplace. Setting aside a department for mentorship and counseling is also crucial in creating this culture. This department would to the young people an opportunity to talk about the challenges they are facing at home or with their social life anytime. It must be realized that mental wellness is greatly enhanced when people talk about the problems they face. Apart from just setting the department, the adolescences should be encouraged to pay frequent visits to the department (Lieberman, 2016).

Finally, the article looks at mental health  enhancements  through  participation in various outdoor activities. These activities include games and outings in the fresh environment. As one plays, they get an opportunity to have the physically fit body. Moreover, time spent playing replaces the moments they could have spent worrying about various issues. This, therefore, reduces their levels of stress. The energy released while playing also empowers their brains and makes them better in how to respond to stress (Lieberman, 2016).


In conclusion, the article’s discussion on mental health is vital in the way it brings out a well behaved and mental stable adult population. The best way to enhance mental health is by using an integrated method which involves incorporating mental wellness programs in the activities done by the young people in the daily activities. The most important step, however, is to create a culture of positivity among the adolescences.


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