Sample Social Work and Human Services Research Proposal Paper

Below you will find the Research Proposal instructions and the Topic details

First there should be a Research Proposal Provisional Title:
The title should give a clear idea of the planned research topic.

Research Proposal:
Your proposal must include a minimum of 1,000 and a maximum of 2,000 words. The research proposal should include all the required numbered sections below:

1. Objectives and Research Question:
In this section, you will briefly explain the overarching goal of your proposed research. Before writing your proposal, you should carefully consider the key questions you are trying to answer and try to avoid very broad research proposals to make sure that your proposed research is achievable and focused enough to be completed within the planned period.

2. Significance of Research:
In this section, you will provide an assessment of the existing literature related to your research topic and you will explain in what way your proposed research will enrich the existing literature to demonstrate the originality of the proposed research.
In this section, you should also explain why your research proposal is important. For example, you can discuss the way that your research will build on the existing literature and why your proposed research is needed and adds value, etc.

3. Methodology and Indicative Structure:
In this section, you will explain the type of research you plan to undertake, such as conducting a survey, collecting data, doing fieldwork or interviews, etc. You should also discuss how you plan to analyze your research data or findings. Finally, you will enumerate the main sections of the dissertation you plan to write.

4. Bibliography:
In this section, you will include the list of the most relevant works related to your proposed research topic.

5. Planned Research Schedule:
In this section, you will clearly explain how you plan to complete your courses, plan your research activities and write your thesis within the four-year period, given your personal situation (work and family commitment) and given that the first year is a course intensive year during which you will take part in courses and seminars and undertake research training in order to write a publishable research paper.
The second-year is generally dedicated to data collection or field research and planning your second publishable article. The third-year will be devoted to writing and completing your initial dissertation draft and submitting your second article. The fourth and last year will be dedicated to the examination and the submission of your final dissertation.

The key questions you will need to answer in this section are:

1. Research Motivations

2. Briefly explain why and how you have decided to pursue this research? What motivates your interests?
3. How is the proposed research is related to what you have done previously (work, training, publications, general interests, etc.). How will this research help your career?

The topic
1. Shall address a gap that was not addressed previously
2. Shall be specific and not generalized nor holistic
3. Topic: hate speech detection
4. This link of the project page might give you an idea of what the research is to be like