Sample Social Work and Human Services Paper on Psychodynamic Therapy

Watch the following video of a Psychodynamic therapy session: to an external site. (59 minutes)

Then, write a Discussion post in which you address the following:

Describe 1 example from the session of each of the following psychodynamic concepts (you may do a bullet point list):
What do you think went well in this session? What might you have approached differently? Provide 1 example of each (2 sentences)
How do you think issues of positionality impacted this session? Use at least 1 of this week’s readings to describe your thoughts on the session and power and positionality. (2-3 sentences)
What questions do you have after watching this video? Was there anything you didn’t understand, or an aspect of the session you had difficulty with? (1-2 questions)

page 2
his week, we discussed and read about psychodynamic theory.

How is the article Ghosts in the Nursery an example of psychodynamic practice? What principles of psychodynamic theory does the author describe in her case study? Identify at least 2 principles of psychodynamic theory the author describes and examples of psychodynamic practice in the article.
What examples of psychodynamic practice could you incorporate from this article into your own approaches? Identify at least 1 practice from the article that you would incorporate into your own approach.
What are you still wondering about psychodynamic theory after completing this module? Please identify 1-2 concerns or questions that you have.

Module 6: Readings and Resources
Payne, M. (2014). Modern Social Work Theory, 4th edition. Chicago, IL: Lyceum Books.

Chapter 4: Psychodynamic Practice (pp.93-125)

Cabaniss, D. L., Cherry, S., Douglas, C. J., & Schwartz, A. R. (2016). Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A clinical manual. John Wiley & Sons.

Part Two: Assessment (pp. 15-57).

Fraiberg, S., Adelson, E., & Shapiro, V. (1975). Ghosts in the nursery: A psychoanalytic approach to the problems of impaired infant-mother relationships. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 14(3), 387-421.


Psychodynamic Therapy. to an external site. (59 minutes)