Sample Social Work and Human Services Paper on Group Closure Activity; Discussion of Termination Session with Client

Group Closure Activity; Discussion of Termination Session with Client

I have learnt that helping especially when participating in a role-case management session ensures my transformation as an individual or a client by standing beside or behind him/her whenever we are working together. In a case management session when playing a role I can offer insights, support and advocacy to the client to assist in building platform for change. The process of helping has helped me know the existing structures of life of a client and playing a role has made me a long –life learner who is dedicated towards understanding the existence of complicated relationships between clients.

I have learnt that through the process of helping in role play case management session, I have developed high self-confidence to ensure that I accomplish my natural sense of helping people. I have also learnt that I possess a sense of purpose to help clients with their problems. My role playing has also made me learn that I am physically fit and healthy, something that makes me accomplish my goals of helping people in the field.

What I have learnt is that being a client is quite challenging and makes one nervous due to the many expectations that need to be fulfilled. I have also realized that being a client is variable since different clients will present problems differently to the service providers.

What we have accomplished together with the client are varied information that arouse from brainstorming during role playing, problem solving techniques and communication skills.

The client has taught me that the process of helping requires one to build on individual and client strengths and that relationships matter a lot in the process of helping. In addition, the client has made me learn that in order to help and provide solutions to problems one has to be curious and that people should not fear disagreement in the process of helping.

My next course of action would be to organize for an informative session to highlight to the client on how to manage challenging situations and articulate expectations of service providers.

Closure activities and termination of session would include each student posing open-ended problems to others, creation and production of charts detailing the discussed issues in the role-play and each student to evaluate what they have learnt by participating in role playing sessions.