Sample Social Work and Human Services Paper on Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Evidenced-based approach is a good method to work with a patient because it offers guidelines on the decisions that are to be made regarding patient care. Through it, I am able to integrate my clinical expertise with the external clinical evidence to offer the best services possible. One of the ways in which I would handle evidence-based family therapy is by using it to conduct resilience research on the patient. I will use my research to evaluate the family structure with each clear roles and rules for favorable development of treatment plan. This will make it easy for me to learn more about how the family intimately relates especially the relationship between the children and their parents. I will also be able to determine the parental supervision techniques to help in limiting risk exposure. The evidence-based approach will also enable me to evaluate the environment where the child learns, cope with life and also develops to acquire more knowledge about the ways in which they are living.

There are several basic assumptions which I will make because of the guidance provided to me by this approach making it easy to come up with a treatment plan. For instance, I would assume that the interaction patterns within the family system have impacted the child leading to them experiencing psychiatric problems. On the other hand, the relationship between the parents will make me assume that the long distance between them as a result of work contributed to loneliness leading to psychiatric issues. My treatment therapy will involve the entire family members and those individuals whom the child spends most of their time such as teachers or friends in the neighborhood. I would suggest a change in interactions using the hidden resources acquired from this approach to analyze the best possible solution to help the child.