Sample Social Work and Human Services Paper on Empirical Study Relevant to social work

From a mainstream (legit) news organization (a TV news website, newspaper, magazine, etc. but NOT a blog), locate a recent (within the last calendar year) article that discusses an empirical study (i.e., research) relevant to social work and conducted in the United States. The article MUST report and discuss research findings/data.

Answer the following:

  1. What is the main purposeof the article? (i.e., what is the study asking about or seeking to learn about human behavior?)
  2. What is the main questionbeing addressed (i.e., does the article contain the research question or hypothesis examined by the study?)
  3. What type of research methods were used (survey, interviews, observation)?
  4. What are the main inferencesor conclusions of the study reported in the article (i.e., what do the findings say or imply about human behavior and the impact of social environment?)
  5. How might the study findings impact social work practice (i.e., how might the findings inform how social workers should interact with clients from a particular social group or population?)
  6. Review the NASW Code of Ethics to an external site.and answer the following:
  7. Identify which “Ethical Principal” you believe is most relevant to the study in your article and describe why?
  8. Be sure to cite verbatim (i.e. word for word) the ethical principle you have chosen