Sample Social Work and Human Services Essay Paper on SWOT ANALYSES REPORT

Social Work and Human Services

Human services agency is a broad field of study and important in community development. The human services are designated to improving lives and needs of human beings in a particular area. In a community, there are a number of people who undergo major life struggles, particularly people with disabilities not only physical but also in matters regarding development. These organizations helps members in a community to overcome conditions such as drug addiction and sometimes be able to accept certain conditions where for instance one has attained low education levels than the peers in a community, a family getting a new born that is not fully developed or with complications need support and counseling offered by these human services organizations to help them get through and learn to live by that with the fact that every human being is unique.(Borkowski, 2009(

The human services agency is committed to improve the general lives of individuals in a community by constantly improving their quality of services offered to these vast populations with different needs. The major style of approach in this field that ensures their reliability is based on the vast knowledge of these skilled staff and professionals in the field. Knowledge on psychology, ability to understand different people and why they behave  the way they do including causes of certain habits in a population is part of the skills mastered by the professionals in the field to ensure the objective of each of the human services agencies at large is met. Human services agencies also insist on prevention measures more than the remedy although most of the work in the field is focused on remediation of the problems.

The benefit and work done in the field is cultured and objective to mainly promote an easier well-being life where individuals and families in a community at large are self-sufficient. The programs usually focus more on emotional disabilities and therefore development of the same much more than physical issues in a community (Borkowski, 2009). Through a specific human services agency, this paper analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities that these organization shave in the future particularly growth and threats on existence every organization tends to face, human services is not immune to this. Several organizational theories relevant to the SWOT analysis are pointed out in line with making propositions on recommendations that would work best for the agency. The paper also identifies a number of stakeholders that push and implement the proposed strategies to help in approving the proposed initiative.

Community Support Provider and Mental Health Counseling Services is a human service agency is located in South Dakota in Watertown. The distinct and uniqueness of this particular organization is how it is the only one on community support and mental services that is within one agency. The human service agency is estimated to be serving an average of two thousand people having issues with the basic human needs, mental illnesses developmental disabilities various life stresses including marital problems that are connected to mental disturbances and illnesses with several addictions for instance gambling being among the many services that the organization extend to individuals around its’ region. (Karl, 2008(

This particular human service agency has two major divisions; the behavioral health and new horizons. Behavioral health mainly is for administering counseling on various issues regarding individuals and families including the mental health services required in the community. The new horizon on the other hand is directly involved with the field work, this involves structuring and directing the programs required especially for the developmentally disabled individuals. Behavioral health is all about offering services regarding human needs where counseling is a major aspect of this division in an agency. High rated individuals in the behavioral health field profession are the ones who undertake the counseling activities especially with the mentally affected individuals in the community.

The staff in new horizons dealing with the programs is mostly concerned on welfare and improving the life experiences of individuals who are their clients. Horizons department requires dedication on human service where individuals come to share of the life experiences in mental health and more particular the developmental disabled individuals; the goal of these staff members is specifically focused on service and life experience improvement of people in the community.

Human needs are constantly changing, with new upcoming challenges that individuals face in the current community. These human services agency need to restructure their programs and service delivery including quality in their various approaches to the previous issues especially regarding human health. Addiction for example was previously on chemical addiction but in the current community which is a worldwide challenge is on the young generation who are now constantly engaging in drug abuse at teenage age that severely affects their working and most importantly goes to their minds, coming back to the issue of mental illness. Addiction especially on drugs is of a major concern in the current world where the young generation that is expected to take up responsibilities and further the strong foundations of leadership set by the now aging   population are into drugs making them dysfunctional, impairing their minds thus unable to make critical decisions regarding various aspects in life.

There is therefore a need for the relevant organizations and authorities with support by the government to make a change in order to manage situations such as this. The objectives of these agencies are clearly stated for instance, the mission of Community Support Provider and Mental Health Counseling Services which is within a human service agency is to provide high quality of services to the people that in turn enable the people to develop and exploit their full potentials and at the same time keen to maintain the standards especially on ethical grounds which is an important aspect when dealing with people in a community.

Analysis of the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats specific to an organization depending on the field of work or industry in this case human needs is an important factor to focus on in order to effectively plan and act according to the findings and make effective decisions and be able to act on them efficiently. According to Borkowski (2011), SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) is a work tool kind of a matrix that can be effectively be used to explore both the internal and external factors that affect a particular organization work structure and activities and hence help in proper planning and decision making on how to curb the threats that are anticipated for instance to cause a drop in sales and income in a business organization.

Analysis of Agency


Community Support Provider and Mental Health Counseling Services have an advantage of size. This organization was established years back and has thus grown in size to its current position bearing the fact that it is the only one within the human service agency in the region. The organization being in operation for at least 13 years through the experiences they have undergone while handling patients in the same field gives them an upper hand. A large sized organization such as this usually has the advantage of more resources at their disposal of which they can actually use them to expand their boundaries reaching out their services to individuals and families that are far off which is like exploring a new market, this is major strength for the organization against other competitors in the field.

Technology is a major factor in any type of organization; health and human services organizations in dealing with the public have a lot of benefits from these tools of technology; this human service organization located in Watertown has exploited this aspect and are thus using a number of tools in service and improving life experiences. Situations such as of addicts need to be measured for instance drugs to evaluate the level of exposure one has and thus easier to establish the level of remedy to be recommended to the individual (Karl, 2008). Mental ill individuals are engaged in certain activities to be able to ascertain the level of damage on their minds similar to stressed individuals for instance out of marital problems; these tools help the counselors before meeting to have a clear idea on what the individual before them is undergoing.

The uniqueness of the organization in terms of structure and even its establishment is a strong strength for them compared to other health service organizations in the county. The Community Support Provider and Mental Health Counseling Services are like an independent organization but still works within a human service agency.

Strong management of the organization is the main aspect as a competitive factor for other organizations in the same field of human health services. The management and the whole staff in general comprises of skilled and professional experienced individuals with great personalities leading the team, these features of strong insightful and influential leadership has a great impact in helping the organization to fully exploit and reach its potential by making it possible with the varied available resources to utilize the strengths of which the skilled staff is among the strengths who are fully given opportunities to exploit their potentials individually in the field while at the same time focusing on the mission of the organization and the human health services field at large.


Use of the Internet where the products and organization advertises and captures potential clients is a wise and effective business strategy connected to technological developments in a competitive field such as this especially on human health services. The organization is present online although it is not active and effective particularly where they have to examine and meet the individuals by the counselors. The platform is not much used by the staff which quantitatively leads to necessary costs for the organization that does not have substantial results.

Basing on the fact that the Community Support Provider and Mental Health Counseling Services is big in size with many available resources to exploit compared to other organizations in the field, this organization have a weak cost structure where in as much as they have the resources most of it is depleted over time, the operations cost are high of which the burden is sometimes passed to the clients instead of making the small payments for the services offered it becomes more costly for them hence not effective in improving life in the community uniformly.


New services in the market introduced by the organization can have great impact on its activities in Watertown. Community Support Provider and Mental Health Counseling Services should consider introducing weekly free checkups on body weight in comparison to an individual’s height and mass (BMI) index where the residents of South Dakota can have an opportunity to evaluate and thus get counseling on their ways of life regarding health. This is has not been started by any organization in the region thus a perfect opportunity for the organization to grow. (Karl, 2008)

The area of South Dakota is not well endowed with establishments and programs in regard to health services particularly on this field of human health services. In describing as a business organization seeking opportunities for future growth while laying strategies to beat the competitors, the fragmented market in the region is a real opportunity for these people.  Community Support Provider and Mental Health Counseling Services is quite a big organization especially compared to the existing ones in the region and therefore it should utilize the cost advantage it has over the small organizations.

Emerging markets in other regions of the country for instance the neighboring county of Dakota where developments in the health sector especially in matters regarding human services, the public at large is under developed. This is a small county but first growing in all matters of development including economic terms and therefore a perfect opportunity for the Community Support Provider and Mental Health Counseling Services to effectively exploit their resources and move and expand their market shares on service delivery to humans.


Government regulations are a major source of threat for this organization and the human health services sector at large. The government through the ministry of health is flexible and may impose changes that may affect the current operations of this particular organization regarding their ways of offering services.

In as much as the Community Support Provider and Mental Health Counseling Services performs quite well in South Dakota country, they face a real threat when it comes to international competitors who of course have many competitive advantages than the organization operating in the county.

Political risk is major especially in South Dakota which is the top three popular developed counties in Minnesota State; individuals in the administration by use of the power they have politically may influence the operations and even influence change of rules and regulations by the government to counter operations of the government in order to favor their individual interests.

Application of theory in SWOT Analysis

Evidence based management theory is one of the major relevant aspects that can be integrated in an organization such as  Community Support Provider and Mental Health Counseling Services which focuses on human health services. Evidence based theory requires the professionals and staff in this field to make their decisions basing on the best available evidence. Health care managers especially ones handling human needs need to verify their speculations before making critical decisions on the patients particularly mental illnesses.(Bradley, 2010)


A new initiative is required in the human health services especially for this particular organization. The Community Support Provider and Mental Health Counseling Service should consider expanding its boundaries to venture in new markets this increases the size of the organizations’ operations activities which is a direct strength and gives it a competitive advantage over the others organizations in the field. The major challenge and threat in operation of this organization as part of the human Services agency is the international competition and this is mainly because of the size that these international companies beat this county operating organization. Expanding its territories, finding new markets will help them in countering and having the same competitive advantage with them. (Evans and Wright, 2009(

I would recommend Wabasha County within the state of Minnesota which is highly rated among the states in the United States of America. Wabasha is a fast growing county though of a lower rate level than Dakota. This can be a new market venture and best working for the South Dakota County. Expanding its activities even to the North kind of guarantees the organization an upper hand when it comes competition with the international companies that currently pose a major threat to the Community Support Provider and Mental Health Counseling Service.

Stakeholders and strategy for new initiative

Stakeholders are basically the individuals or organizations in the community that are affected by the services or products an organization is involved with; stakeholders are traditionally divided into three groups (Evans and Wright, 2009). The primary ones who are directly involved with the causes of the organization, the secondary stakeholders that are affected either positively or negatively this can include government departments in this case and key stakeholders, these are individuals who might be in either primary or secondary stakeholder division or might be in neither of the two but have key roles in decisions and activities in the organization, for instance a director.

Top management in the Community Support Provider and Mental Health Counseling Service are key as much as the staff who are directly involved in this line of work who must be committed to the cause and act according to the goals set to fulfill the mission of the organization in regard to improving life experiences of human beings.

Implementation of the proposed new initiative would require these key players in the organization to accept and endorse it as a factor that can act positively to them in regards to competitive advantage particularly the international competitors who from the analysis are a major threat to operations of this organization.

The best strategy to be used in advocating for the new initiative to ensure its approval would be to engage in comparative analysis with the top management of Community Support Provider and Mental Health Counseling Service with the main competitors on human health service providers especially the international organizations. International organizations are bigger in size have wide and vast establishment worldwide and constantly pursue new markets to increase their market share which not only makes the organization popular in human health service delivery but is also a direct competitive advantage to fairly big organizations such as this operating in South Dakota.

Social work and human services is an important aspect in any community in which respective governments always keep an eye to ensure competency in the field health of citizens being critical in a country’s economy.


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