Sample Social Work and Human Service Coursework Paper on Adolescence as a Unique Developmental Period


Discussion 1

Determining the kind of cure for an adolescent is considered one of the difficult tasks since the process involves examining different variables like age and cultural background. Different developmental stage among adolescents makes it challenging to understand the type of medication appropriate for the problem. The findings are because adolescents are highly linked to a period of risk-taking traits and emotional reactivity (Jaworska and Glenda 291). Gender has a significant bearing on both the degree of the teenagers’ involvement in medication and the type of treatment considered effective and suitable. The kind of approach offered to female adolescents is different from that of their counterparts. For example, female juveniles require more attention concerning family problems compared to the male ones. 

Discussion 2

Countries that have a significant number of elderly populations are likely to face an increasing challenge of all the social and economic necessities that accompanies old age. Notably, policy frameworks linked to the provision of medical services to the aged have become complex since the elderly have a high occurrence of cognitive and chronic illness (Shrivastava, Saurabh, Prateek, and Jegadeesh 1224). As such, the needs of older individuals are different from that of other persons since the group has greater resource demands and higher occurrence of physical and cognitive disorders.

People have essential needs such as clothing, medication, and shelter for the betterment of their health. However, elderly individuals suffering from physical and mental impairment requires appropriate care to help in their daily routine (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine 6). Therefore, both the aged and other groups such as individuals living with disabilities need proper medication and care to avert the occurrence of diseases and substance abuse.

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