Sample Research Paper on Real Estate

Real Estate

After identifying a property that one is interested in, the buyer needs to make an offer on the property to the owner. It should be suitable to both the owner and the buyer for there to be an agreement. After the agreement, a buyer should scheme among the available mortgage programs for a convenient one that will suit him/her. The buyer should conduct an inspection of the property being bought then close in on a deal on it. Lawyers are other professionals who a buyer will need to contact in purchasing a property apart from agents. This is because of the legal agreement between a buyer and the owner of the property which might be misinterpreted by the buyer.

Dealing with the agent was easier because he understood the property purchasing process and was realistic about the property conditions. The agent was quite patient with me when I questioned him. The homeowner was a bit impatient when answering questions and had little knowledge on the property buying and selling process. He was out rightly paranoid. The agent seemed to be of much help because he enlightened me of the processes without any malice. Real estate agent left the buying option to be on me and never tried to force me into a property that did not match my descriptions.

The most prudent route to purchase a property is by the use of agents. This is because it is the easiest process due to their conversance with the paperwork required. Real estate agents usually posses sound connections with trustworthy inspectors and mortgage loan brokers who will make the process an easy one for the buyer.