Sample Research Paper on Effects of Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol has become a serious concern in the global states posing great threat
triggered to health, social-economic and security on individuals, communities and country
(Rehm, J 2011). Alcohol consumption impacts start at the point when alcohol enters the body
and the effects ranges from the cognitive, the nervous system, digestion system and major
organs in the body (zuskin, E. et al., 2006). Although several researchers have preventive
measures suggested; the researchers’ desired outcome of effectively curbing this menace has
not been met yet (Wood, S & Bellis, M. 2015). This article comprehensively focuses on the
effects of alcohol consumption.
Alcohol impacts social economic life of individuals due addiction and dependency,
absenteeism on job that results from work injuries that result from alcohol effects (zuskin, E.
et al., 2006). Heavy drinking of alcohol leads to reduced productivity at work and social
problem relating to others. Likewise, alcohol consumption pilots unemployment, due to
underperformance and frequent absenteeism; unemployment increases the drinking habits
(Rehm, J 2011). Additionally, families suffer violence and home injuries, children have high
chances of suffering from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) and children lack
appropriate parental care because of reduced attention to them (Wood, S & Bellis, M. 2015).
Moreover, alcohol poses a threat to the economy of the community and country; making
policies relating to alcohol, building rehabilitation centers for the victims and the medical
Alcohol consumption adversely affects not only an individual but also family,
community and a country. Besides, the efforts to reduce alcohol consumption, the effects and
consumption are on escalating trend. Alcohol consumption leads addiction, dependency,
unemployment and economic depreciation not forgetting health. However, heavy drinking

consequences may be induced by the environmental such as families where alcohol
consumption is a norm and unemployment and health factors such as stress. Therefore, there
is need to address this issue urgently.



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