Sample Research Paper on Benefits of Exercise and The Basics of Nutrition

Lifelong exercise has been shown to increase lifespan and delay the development of 40
chronic illnesses and diseases, according to a plethora of research (Ruegsegger). Exercise
enhances and maintains life quality through molecular pathways that are just now becoming
understood. Adults' muscular strength and physical performance are improved by exercise alone
as well as by exercise and diet together. The benefits of exercise and nutrition include; energy,
weight loss, a stronger immune system, self-esteem, better sexual function, and less stress
As was previously reported, a few earlier research looked at the impact of a weight
reduction intervention in overweight or obese breast cancer survivors (Rock et al., 2015). Breast
cancer is the most prevalent invasive cancer in women, accounting for 29% of all new cases of
cancer in women in the United States, while obesity is linked to risk factors and comorbidities
for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and
cardiovascular disease. A healthier diet and regular exercise are both better for weight loss than
calorie restriction alone. Certain illnesses' consequences can be avoided or even reversed by
exercise (Rock et al., 2015). Exercise reduces cholesterol and blood pressure, which may help to
stave against a heart attack. Moreover, you reduce your chance of getting malignancies including
breast and colon cancer.

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Exercise and Nutrition have the potential role in harnessing the immune system to
combat chronic illnesses and diseases such as colorectal cancer (CRC). More evidence suggests
that nutrition and lifestyle have a significant impact on the prognosis of CRC (Song & Chan,
2018). The gut microbiota, which has been linked to CRC incidence and development and can
predict a patient's response to immunotherapy, is in turn shaped by food and lifestyle. Therefore,
the lowering of chronic low-grade inflammation, exercise may enhance systemic immunity and
metabolic health in cancer patients.
Self-compassion encourages healthy conduct and Self-control; Interesting connections
between diet and mental health have been discovered by researchers (Semenchuk et al., 2018).
When it comes to boosting your mood, reducing stress, and feeling more confident, taking a look
at your diet and making the required adjustments may all help. According to the results,
exercising individuals might sometimes, but not always, benefit more from having high self-
esteem than from adopting a self-compassionate mindset when they encounter an exercise
A widespread medical condition that is becoming more prevalent globally is erectile
dysfunction (ED). Smoking, lack of exercise, eating the wrong things, being overweight or
obese, having metabolic syndrome, and drinking too much alcohol are all modifiable risk factors
for ED. It has been hypothesized that lifestyle choices that reduce low-grade clinical
inflammation may contribute to an improvement in erectile performance (Esposito et al., 2015)
Environment-related elements that may be changed, such as diet, exercise, and way of
life, may contribute to a longer lifespan. Muscular strength and physical performance must be
maintained throughout, and large prospective trials with long-term follow-up should be

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