Sample Research Paper on Animal Testing

The use of animal in research and in the test of the safety of the products has been a topic
of heated debate. According to a statistical data collected by F. Barnaba Orlans approximately
60% of all the animals used in testing are used in biomedical research and product safety testing.
Although people have different feelings for animal, like looking for animals for companionship
others view them with the as means for advancing medical techniques or furthering experimental
research (Luechtefeld, T. et al., 2018). And although human beings often benefit from these
research on animals, the pain, the suffering, and even death of these animal are not something to
rejoice or worth the benefits by humans. Animals should therefore not be tested because their
right as creature is being violated and the suffering and pain they undergo in the process.
First, the right of animal is violated when these creature are exposed to research. Animals
just like humans have many things in common because they feel, behave, think and experience
pain and this explains why animals should receive the same treatment as human. However, they
right is undermine when they are used for research because they not given a choice as it would
have otherwise be accorded to humans (Meigs, L. et al., 2018).. Most these research and test are
painful and end up causing permanent damage to the animal or even death. It should be noted
that these animals do not willingly sacrifice for the test and advancement of human welfare and
new technology.
The second one is the pain and suffering they undergo in the experiment of testing which
do not worth the benefits to humans. According to American Veterinary Medical Association,
pain is described as unpleasant sensory and emotional experience perceived as arises from a

certain part of the body and is associated with damaging of the tissue. This implies that animals
feel pain in many ways just as human would have felt. Therefore when animals are used for
product toxicity testing or any laboratory research they are subjected to painful and often lethal
In conclusion, animals should not be subjected to test because the process is torturous,
painful and causes suffering to the animals. Just as human being would not want to these test
animals to should not because they do not choose.

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