Sample Research Paper on Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous

 I have been attending Alcoholics Anonymous group called Zig Zag from San Pedro, and over the period of attendance I have achieved and learned a lot regarding drugs and drug abuse. In our coursework, the instructor has explained a lot regarding this issue but the meeting with the victims of drug substances depicted a clear picture of the danger that lies ahead for those individuals engaging in drug abuse. Hearing the revelations from them on the plight they have endured in the life of drugs was touching. Most of them are now under rehabilitation to reclaim them from ill-health.

The first reading we had in the group was about Gutter Bravado. In the reading, I understood that substance abuse could affect the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and psychological state of a person. This consequently may lead to ill-health and other disorders that at severe stages may lead to death. Gutter was a professor in Pennsylvania State University, and he was a heavy alcoholic. Too much abuse of alcohol almost claimed his life because his liver became damaged as doctors pointed to liver cirrhosis. The man lost his career and did not manage to establish a family, and now he is picking up pieces to start a whole new life from scratch under rehabilitation. 

According to one of the victims, drugs, in particular, the alcoholic abuse led to him being socially detached from his family. The man had a wife and three kids of whom he explained that a year ago he did not even know their grade levels in school. He could rarely spend an hour at home nor talk to his kids. Efforts from his wife to make him reduce his thirst for alcohol did not bear any fruits, and, in fact, it led to the wife seeking to file for divorce because she could not put up with the life the husband was leading. Worst of all, the kids had spent a lot of time without any love from their father that they could not even call him ‘dad’. Finally, the wife decided to run away with the kids leaving the man with more room to have his favorite drink. He explained how he cheated death once, and since then, he had to visit a rehab where he seeks to have his life back. However, he lost his family ties not to know where his wife and kids are up to date.

There was one medium-sized man of 35 who surprised everyone with his talk. He was in his third year in university taking Bachelor of medicine only to quit studies due to marijuana addiction. He had taken the drug excessively that he became mentally distorted and could not continue with studies anymore. He explained that he had a cube-mate in the university who had introduced him to the drug thus ended up destroying such a beautiful career. His mental disability was such a big mess that he had to be taken to a local rehab where he has improved to reveal more about his life. Marijuana and alcohol made him waste a whole decade that he could have used to establish his career to be a medical surgeon. Since he lost the sponsorship of his university degree, he cannot go back to school but does manual labor to earn his daily living.

Most of the people who talked about their experiences explained how their physical health deteriorated while under the influence of the drugs. Some of them thought they were HIV/AIDS victims due to abnormally slender bodies. I can recall one revealing how he used all his earnings in the local pub drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. He did not have time to take diet meals because he saved the cents he could use to buy food for alcohol. Lack of proper food caused him to be deficient thus developing a very poor physical state. 

            However, the most touching story while I attended Zig Zag Alcoholics Anonymous group was that of one young mother of 51. She lost her daughter who was in her final year in college to drug abuse. The daughter died after a night out at a party with her friends where she drank her heart out. It was later revealed that some boys intentionally mixed some marijuana to her drink and, unfortunately, her body could not sustain the effects of the mixture of alcohol and marijuana hence her death. This was when I realized that death and drug abuse was simple and possible.

            In my life at campus, I have seen students curious to try out alcohol and other drugs. They do not realize how serious their adventure could be in the long run. My experience with the group was a captivating and emotional one to understand the deadly impacts of drug abuse, first hand. Everyone out there needs to know the weight of substance abuse; maybe this would reduce the dangers associated with them. I decided I would take a role to keep others aware through campaigns and publications on the negative impacts of substance and drug abuse.