Sample Religious Studies Paper on Why do we Engage in Apologetics?

Sample Religious Studies Paper on Why do we Engage in Apologetics?

            Apologetics is the attempt to clear doubts and emphasize reasons for believing in Christianity. Christian apologists defend Christianity without making any assumptions like assuming the Scripture is true.[1] Doubts faith plays a significant role in revealing the good and beauty of Christianity. Atheists are the perfect example of those who engage in apologetics; they question Christian’s faith, terming it blind faith. However, Christians deny having blind faith and defend their faith. They engage in apologetics for several reasons.

The primary reason for engaging in apologetics is to answer those who oppose their faith. Typically, Christians want to provide an accurate answer when meeting atheists and other skeptics who claim something is inaccurate. Christians do not believe a challenge can stand out without a response. Besides, it is advisable to listen to those who understand faith and are well-versed on the topic.

Christians have doubts, and they clear them by engaging in apologetics. Having doubts is not a bad thing; instead, they help us take our beliefs seriously. Sometimes believers too get caught in a spiral of emotions and begin doubting their faith. It is during these times one needs to neglect their feelings and listen to facts.[2] Often when we get questioned about our faith, we provide personal testimonies. However, it is wiser to back up our testimonies with claims verifiable by our opponents.

Apologetics helps Christians help their fellow believers. One unfortunate thing about Christianity denies believers the freedom to question things or have doubts; this is impossible. How can Christians defend their faith without letting those who want to understand their religion ask them? Debates are good for engaging everyone, for instance, having an open discussion on Facebook. Apologetics is fun; the more you do it, the more you enjoy it.



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