Sample Religious Studies Paper on How does the Obadiah’ book show the care that God had for the Jews

How does the Obadiah’ book show the care that God had for the Jews

The writer gives hope to God’s people whereby he says to them they would come to see judgment of God. In this case, while Edom laughed as other states were ruining Judah, God also ruined Edom. Edom people considered that they were superior to the other states and that no state would ruin them. Israel saw God’s justice after He executed his punishment towards the land. God would take back to Judah what other states had snatched from them. Therefore, God never left his people alone even when other countries defeated them, but rather continued supporting them as He had promised. God helped his people since He was the ruler over the earth. This tells us that God supports his people and allows them have freedom.

How God use Hosea’s life as an allegory to the Jews as to how God will treat them

The first part of the book comprises about three different poems that illustrate how children of God often retuned to idolatry. We find that Hosea was commanded by God to marry Gomer who afterwards walks away after bearing him children. This symbolic emphasis is seen evidently in chapter one as Hosea compared actions of Israel to quitting from marriage to prostitution. God uses this scenario to demonstrate his unending care for the people. This assures Jewish of God’s total love for them and also pictures how God gets dishonoured and as well as infuriated by the deeds of his people. Despite of all this, the love of God over Jews never ceases and by punishment, He purifies people and lead them to repentance. The marriage imagery used in the chapter through Hosea, God teaches people that even though they may have been disloyal to Him, still He would not divorce them so long as they turn back towards Him.