Sample Religious Studies Paper on God Who Draws Near

Discussion Thread: God Who Draws Near

After reading the book The God Who Draws Near, post an initial thread to include the following (use separate bolded section titles or paragraphs to break up the post showing where each point is addressed):

  1. Approximately, what percentage of the book was read in preparation for this discussion?
  2. According to Haykin in his introduction, what is “true spirituality”? How does he defend that working definition in his introduction? Why do you agree or disagree with his definition and defense of the definition?
  3. In chapter 3, Haykin argues, “The work and ministry of the Holy Spirit has this one indispensable genuine mark then: it is Christ-centered . . . .” Do you agree or disagree with his development of this argument? Why or why not? Use Scripture throughout this response.
  4. Find one other definitive statement given in the book with which you strongly agreed or disagreed. Explain and defend from Scripture your strong response in light of that statement.




Haykin, Michael. The God Who Draws Near: An Introduction to Biblical Spirituality. Evangelical Press, 2007. ISBN: 978-0852346389.