Sample Religious Studies Essay Paper on The Debate Between Pen and Sword

Ahmad Ibn Burd al-Asghar engages in the debate between pen and sword. The author gives both sides of the argument to determine which sides gives the strongest argument.  An analysis of the argument reveals that the pen is much mightier than the sword since through written words, one can change minds; all that a sword can achieve is kill. If minds can be changed, then swords are not needed.  

            The pen is much more critical to our existence on earth because writing is priceless. From childhood, one learns about many different things through the lens of different writers. Indeed, these writers shape our opinion, thoughts and how we reason about things in a positive manner. Human beings learn form childhood, and the stories we read are a big part of this learning process. We get to learn about our culture, heritage, and ancestry through the stories framed by writers. This gives us a deep appreciation of our origin and enables one to get a sense of self awareness. It means that pens have the power to pass legacies from one generation to another so that traditions are carried on and we maintain our sense of humanity. The military achievements of rulers who opted for the sword pass away into oblivion whereas the ideals suggested by great philosophers and authors go deep into the human hear and last for a lifetime. The great written works of philosophers, poets, scientists, and story-tellers last forever.

            There is no doubt that the pen is more powerful than the sword since a pen can change minds and appeal to the essence of humanity. Pens have shaped the way we reason about things and enable us to gain an understanding of our history. The world is no shaped by force but by written words.