Sample Religious Studies Coursework Paper on Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians

Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians

As one of the early believers of God and Jesus Christ, Paul had numerous teachings to the people which were in form of letters to the various individuals occupying a particular state at the time of his address. Among the major teachings that he addressed in his letters were those of divorce and marriage, gifts of the holy spirit, the conscience of a Christian faithful with regard to belief in the Christianity doctrine, the resurrection of the people of Christ relating it to the teaching of Jesus and his experience as a disciple of Jesus Christ, the role of a woman in the service of God, virtues of good parenting and the location of God’s commands with regard to belief and trust in him as the only supreme being.

Paul had a total of 14 letters addressed to different nations during his time. Among the letters we have are Romans, Corinthians 1and 2, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians 1 and 2, Timothy 1and 2 together with Titus. In these letters Paul advised the people inhabiting these areas concerning the true teachings of Christ and the ways of life (Cousar & Tucker, 1996). He provided real life issues that individuals were to abide by so as to remain righteous. Paul is regarded as one of the most righteous servants of God who God used to reveal His love and favor to His people. He also used Paul to give revelation about upcoming events.

To the Philippians, what Paul expressed is undying love for the people, expressing his genuine appreciations and concern through the joy and love for God and church as a whole. Through the letter which he wrote while in prison, he was expressing his kind gratitude as they had always supported him though he had been imprisoned under the Roman confinement life (Cousar & Tucker, 1996). He encourages them, to soldier on and keep the spirit of Christ as Jesus was the true vine and nothing was to stop them from upholding their belief in Christ. He asks them to emulate Jesus Christ and his lifestyle as it was the only way they would receive God’s love and favor. Paul further asks them to humble themselves as it is the only way that good will come their way.

For the Ephesians, Paul’s address was also written while in prison and the main teaching was belief in God as the sole provider and giver of life. He urges the Ephesians to have unity as believers and that could help them coexist peacefully. He advices individuals on better living as one family through marriage providing concepts of the Biblical marriage as it calls for upholding the oaths of marriage life (Cousar & Tucker, 1996). He concludes by asking the people to always be prepared by putting the Armor of the Lord which is the word of God as the only way of inheriting God’s Kingdom.

Also written while in Prison, the letter to the Colossians asked the individuals to focus on the God. He further advises the people not to be led astray by individuals who do have belief in Christ and God but rather believe in philosophies and traditions. He reminds them that Jesus died for the sake of their wellbeing and washed away their sins on the cross though the shedding of blood. He further asks them to have belief and uphold righteousness.


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