Sample Reflection Paper on Honor code and its implications on cheating

Honor Code and its Implications on Cheating

The honor code has a set of expected principles and values in which a student should portray regarding academic integrity and how one is expected to present an academic paper. By engaging myself in academic malpractice, I have broken the honor code and now I am subject to disciplinary action by the Honor Council. “In non-code environments, faculty who had an honor code experience as a student were more likely to believe that students should be held responsible for peer monitoring and to say that they deal personally with cheating” (McCabe 357).

Intentionally submitting my academic work to public sites such as websites has contributed to unquestionable integrity over my trustworthiness. It has impacted me as an individual since it is not my intent to break the honor code or the etiquette that needs to be observed as integrity needs to be observed regardless of the situation.

The behavior has impacted the other students to further cheat by getting the answers from the online platform. This has adverse effects on the students since they are expected to deliver what they have been taught using the abilities they acquired. I consent to have influenced my colleagues to engage in cheating instead of open-minded work.

I do consent do have lowered my confidence as a student by posting academic work on an online platform that is open to the public eye and anyone in any part of the world can access it and use it. I have exposed a bad picture of my institution by posting the answers to an online platform since it is an indication that the institution is prone to cheating by the public domain.





The honor code should be followed in Academic institutions to allow for student growth in diverse fields including academic, industrial, business, personal, community level, and other aspects that require a student to engage critical decisions to solve world problems. Hone code in one way or the other must be respected to achieve this goal and better the society. Acting against the code is subject to disciplinary action contained in the Honor code agreement and the student is liable to any action from the Honor Council. The honor council must be accorded and respected.



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