Sample Reaction English Paper on What do you think causes people to be prejudiced against other people

Reaction paper

What do you think causes people to be prejudiced against other people?

There are very many factors that make people become prejudiced over other people, but the most common today is the prejudice based on skin color. In the story “seeing the world as black or white”, Francine a white girl is not expected to associate with Tony Gates; a young black man. People who normally prejudice on others think that they are better than them and this gives them a false perception to discriminate others.

How can Racism be decreased at this university?

It is important to reduce racism in this university by adopting some anti racism initiatives. One of the most important aspects should be the provision of practical skills for empowering the students to enable them voice their concerns against racism. The University should emphasize on similarities among its student’s fraternity. It is important to come up with practical solutions rather than mere beliefs that will not work. All the students in the university should be given alternative explanations to justifications regarding racist views. In this regards the behavior of students who are dispossessed should be shown to show more sense than that of their ethnicity. One way communication in the university should be discouraged, in many cases, students cannot be able to give their contributions regarding racism, if they are not given a chance to do so.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that there was prejudice towards you? What happened? If yes, how did you handle the situation?

Yes, at one point we were I found my friends playing in the field and wanted to join them One of the group members, said that I could not join because I was not good in that game. I believed that his opinion was not based on fact, as he had never seen me play before. I handled this situation by contending that I was better than him, my friends suggested that I be given a chance to play and for sure I proved to be better than him.