Sample Public Administration Coursework Paper on Ethical Article

Ethical Article

The article is not ethical according to ethical rules to government which governs the operation of government and its relationship with the people that it governs.  In relation to the book title ‘Ethic Prime for Public Administration in government and Nonprofit Organization by James Svara, the article do not transparency in government and the writer of the article refer to other article . The former C.I.A. computer technician who is  the source behind disclosure the nation’s surveillance programs stating that members of public are one to decide whether those programs and policies are right or wrong.

This is not ethical in the way that it may result into the loss of public trust and confidence in representative democracy and freedom to access of information from the government. In the article, Mr. Snowden is seen by many as a hero who released huge data of military and diplomatic materials to WikiLeaks, and the United States may prosecute him. This shows lack of honesty ethics by Mr. Snowden towards his employer. The Guardian and The Washington who published articles disclosing the surveillance programs identified Mr. Snowden as the source which exposes sources of information contributing towards the article.

Snowden said his job gave him access to secrets that the United States government guards jealously. This includes locations of Central Intelligence Agency stations overseas and identities of undercover agents working for the U.S. The article further goes against government ethics when it doesn’t ensure safety of the sources of information in the case where Snowden released only what he found to be the greatest abuses of a surveillance state which he view as reckless and gone beyond reasonable boundaries. Also the Justice Department had secretly obtained phone logs of reporters at The Associated Press and Fox News to investigating the issue. However, the government didn’t respond to the above. The article has no right of reply hence unethical.

Mr. Snowden states that he had an obligation to help free people from oppression adding that training in US Military is about killing Arabs not helping anyone. This statement show how ethics to be followed by workers in government have failed.