Sample Psychology Paper on Street Harassment Sexual Harassment

Street Harassment Sexual Harassment

Street harassment is unwanted action forced on an individual by a stranger in a public place without one’s consent. Harassment may be directed to a person because of different factors such as their gender, race, nationality, disability, or even class. It is all about control and power, and it is usually a manifestation of societal discrimination like racism, ableism, and also sexism. There is no form of harassment that can be said to be okay since everybody ought to be treated with dignity, respect, and empathy. Street harassment may include whistling, exposure, unwanted comments, and touching by strangers in public areas. According to the survey done in 2014 shows that half of the harassed persons were harassed by age 17. Different nationalities have different reactions regarding street harassment.

Sexual harassment is unwelcome behavior of sexual nature done to a can also include offensive remarks about an individual’s sex. Sexual harassment may include many things like sexual assault, unwanted pressure for sexual favors, whistling at someone or even unwanted touching. Harassment can be of persons of the same gender or also different genders.

Sexual harassment takes two forms that is give and take form or hostile environment. The give and take form situation occur if an individual must submit to conduct of sexual nature for them to get the favor in question which can be a job or promotion or even grade for students. Hostile environment sexual harassment is a situation where unwanted sexual nature creates an intimidating, abusive or threatening environment to a person. The person harassing the other mostly has power or authority over the person being harassed or sometimes it is vice versa.