Sample Psychology Paper on Motivation and Change

First, in your opinion:

1. When we think of change, we often think of the “carrot and the stick” analogy. Some changes come from the anticipation of something positive after making the change, while other changes may come from fear of unpleasant outcomes. What kinds of things – internal and external – motivate people to make changes in their lives? Think about what motivates you to change. Do you think that change is more often motivated by the “carrot” or the “stick” perspective? How so?

Now applying this week’s materials in conversation:

2. We have explored in our opinion question of what moves people toward change. Now, let’s look at the substance abuse field. How has the field traditionally tried to motivate people to change their behavior? What societal factors have led providers toward the current perspectives toward change?

3. Now, let’s focus on the six stages of change. How does the Stage of Change model motivate people toward change? As you engage in conversation around this question, be sure to consider each of the stages of change, as well as the cyclical ways in which people move through these stages. As people move through the stages, how might this impact treatment recommendations? Please share concrete examples from Nic’s story (required) and from other professional/personal experiences as appropriate.