Sample Psychology Paper on Genetics And Epigenetics

Genetics And Epigenetics

Individual personality can be more influenced by genetics than how parents shape one’s personality (Niitsu et el., 2019). Changes in epigenetic can largely impact individual behaviour since it makes neuron structure and its functions change. This distortion in epigenetic impacts the growth of some organisms in the human brain, which alters how neurons work in the human brain. Genetic make-up has significant impacts and determines greatly the kind of personal characteristics an individual can have. Therefore, these change in genes causes people to behave and interact differently (Niitsu et el., 2019).

Genetics also forms a key foundation for individual thinking capacity, making people make different decisions and judgments concerning different ethnic groups (Kader et el., 2018). Modification in peoples’ psychological characteristics can also impact the way people see and perceive situations in other people’s lives and their way of life. This is caused by the fact that change in genes determines an individual’s personality, intellectual functions, and behaviours. Furthermore, it impacts the way systems are structured, including policies made by the public (Niitsu et el., 2019).  As a result of changes in epigenetics, our values can be modified due to the changes in our surroundings, thus exposing new aspects. Emerging issues in genetics and epigenetics, including cancer and other diseases, can assist us in knowing their implications on peoples’ lives (Kader et el., 2018).

Western culture perceives heritability as something directly inherited from an individual’s characteristics in the same way assets are inherited from one person (Kader et el., 2018). However, the culture does not compare the inheritance of biological characteristics and personality characteristics and behavioural changes. However, most people fail to recognize that behavioural patterns are not inherited but rather learned through imitation of other people’s actions (Niitsu et el., 2019).



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