Sample Psychology Paper on Five Factors Results

Five Factors Results

            Personality testing involves techniques used to consistently and accurately measure one’s personality trait. This is informally practiced in our daily routine when we talk about others and ourselves. Psychologists also use the same technique in a systematic and scientific way to assess personality. A personality test gives insights into the key components that define us. The test determines how we interact with others, and handle conversations among ourselves. Therefore, this paper focuses on the five main components of a personality test, and how they determine our character.

            The personality test is significant and has several purposes. First, the test is used to test the validity of theories related to human psychology. Secondly, the personality test is used by human resource managers in big companies to screen candidates preferred for a vacant position in the company. Furthermore, this test can be used for any new changes in the personality of a person through comparing with the previous test taken. Moreover, psychologists use a personality test to diagnose any psychological disorder in a patient. All these purposes demonstrate the importance of a personality test.

            In a personality test, extraversion means behavior where one enjoys being around people than being alone. In this factor, my score was twenty-seven which is close to average. This score shows traits such as friendliness, sociable, love company of others as well as some personal time, and moderately talkative. As far as this factor is concerned, the results are true because as much as I love the company of others, a lonely time allows me to reevaluate myself on ways to do things better and avoid previous mistakes.

            Agreeableness is a trait in individual behavior that makes them kind, sympathetic, and considerate. In this factor, my score was twenty-eight which means it was about average. This score indicates that I am cooperative, friendly, and sympathetic. This is true because I love group discussion mainly because we raise ideas, and discuss them and finally come up with the best solution. This requires a high level of cooperation and willingness to accept when one is wrong.

            Conscientiousness is the quality of undertaking work well and comprehensively. My score on this factor was forty, which was relatively high. This score indicates my personality traits such as hardworking, ambitious, energetic and persistent in pursuing my objectives. This is true because if it were not for persistence and hardworking, I would not be a member of this psychology class. Conscientiousness predicts professional and personal success through hard work and persistence.

            Neuroticism is the extent to which individual experiences the world as unsafe and threatening. My score on this factor was nineteen, which was about average. This means that I am less temperamental, less worried, less threatened, and less insecure. This is valid since I love challenges and face them positively aiming at solving them and in case am unable, I end up learning a new thing or ask for help from friends. Neuroticism individuals are quick to anger hence difficult to work with them.

            Openness means frankness or lack of concealment or secrecy. My score related to this factor was twenty-two which is relatively low. This score portrays individuals who are not interested in arts and those that are down-to-earth. This score is 100% accurate because I hate arts since middle school. Also, this score shows that I am a practical person; one who intend to carry out concrete tasks to achieve helpful objectives.

            Personally, my personality test has helped me discover my weakness of not being imaginative, and I will work towards improving it. However, my strengths such as cooperativeness, talkativeness, hardworking, and ambitious complement my college carrier in psychology. After studying all the five big factors of personality traits, it has become clear why people behave differently and thus become easier to relate with them. Also, I will encourage other students to take personality to discover their potential and weakness and work on them effectively.