Sample Psychology Paper on Challenges in the Counselor Educator and Supervision Doctoral Program

Review the Marshall et. al. (2017) Reading Excerpt linked above.

Prompt: What challenges to completion do you anticipate you will encounter in your doctoral program? What strategies for successful completion do you anticipate will be the most useful for you, and how will you work toward implementing these strategies to meet your goals?


The Assignment:


Write a 1-2-page, double-spaced essay in response to the prompt above. To present your strongest writing skills, submit an essay that:


Provides a focused and clear central idea that responds to all questions in the assignment prompt with developed ideas;

Integrates relevant and accurate paraphrased and/or quoted and cited evidence from the Marshall et al. (2017) reading excerpt in support of the argument, accompanied by appropriate analysis – you may use your preferred citation style;

Organizes ideas with logical structure, clear paragraphs, and transitional words/phrases;

Uses grammar and mechanics to effectively communicate meaning to readers;

Maintains academic integrity by demonstrating your original work and appropriately paraphrasing and citing relevant information from the Marshall et al. (2017) reading excerpt. Including outside sources beyond the Marshall et al. (2017) reading excerpt provided above is not required for this essay; if you use them, however, then you must cite any information you summarize, paraphrase, or quote in your preferred citation style.