Sample Psychology Essay Paper on Violence Against Women

            Violence against women is any kind of gender-based abuse whose outcome leads to physical or mental harm to women. Women for a long time have been facing violence from their opposite gender. Despite every woman having a right to live safely and free from any form of violence women are still abused by men. Women violence includes domestic violence, sexual assault, verbal abuse, coercion, and stalking, as well as emotional abuse. Due to women’s violence and abuse, women’s wellbeing is affected both physically and emotionally and this makes women live unhappily. Intimate partner violence is the most common form of abuse toward women. According to World Health Organization (2017), thirty percent of women all over the world who have been in an intimate relationships have reported that they have undergone physical assault, as well as sexual violence, from their intimate partners.

            Apart from intimate partner violence women are also sexually abused. Sexual violence is any kind of sexual attempt, act, or other act directed to a woman using force. Many women are victims of rape with some being raped when they were very young. Gender inequality and customs are the main causes of violence against women, many societies give the male gender more powers than the women and this makes the men take advantage of the women hence harming them physically, emotionally or both. To end violence against women then gender inequality needs to be ended, as long as the society keeps on valuing the masculine gender then women will continue to suffer. Ensuring gender equality will make men respect women and treat them well hence end violence against women. Additionally, proper rules and regulations protecting women should be made and their adherence ensured, this will help minimize women violence. Furthermore, proper actions should be taken towards any person caught or reported of abusing a woman. Lastly, women should report any case of violence towards them if they want to be helped.


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