Sample Psychology Essay Paper on Sexuality Research

Research Methods

Research Methods

Kinsey, Masters and Johnson’s researches on human sexual behavior provides remarkable findings on human sexual orientation and response. Kinsey’s research methodologies differ from that employed by Masters and Johnson. Kinsey attempts to find out some of the factors that influence sexual orientation; some of them are age, religious beliefs, gender and social factors (Kinsey, Masters & Johnson, n.d). He uses personal interviews of 600 women to collect data to establish their sexual behavior. On the other hand, Masters and Johnson deviate from interviews by opting for biological and feminist approach in order to study sexual response in humans (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica, 2015). They use direct observation in contrast with Kinsey’s personal interviews. They observe people during certain sexual activities like arousing, masturbation and intercourse.

Findings and Therapies

According to Kinsey reports, different individuals’ sexual orientation differs from others in many ways. In his research, 10% of the general population has homosexual orientation. However, he is quick to conclude that sexual behavior tends to change over time, making it difficult to be specific (Kinsey, Masters & Johnson, n.d). These findings led to the introduction of Kinsey Scale that measure human heterosexual and homosexual tendencies. The scale also helps in finding out other sexual responses.

Masters and Johnson found out that males and females respond differently when it comes to the sexual arousal. Their findings have helped come up with different stages of orgasm. On the same, the research found out some of the arousal causes certain changes in females like rise in pulse, increased breathing, and clitoral enlargement among others (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica, 2015, August 14). These findings have been important in developing ways of overcoming sexual problems in women.


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