Sample Psychology Essay Paper on Rescue Rehabilitation Center (RRC)

About us The RRC was established with the main goal of helping those stuck in substance and drug abuse. A good numbers of our friends, family, employers as well as employees struggle to deal with the addiction and abstinence situations at a personal level. This may have proved difficult. Stop doing alone, come to us and let’s get the best of result together. We are results-centered and customer-oriented. With us, drug abstinence is guaranteed. Effective strategies and techniques will be put in place with a priority laid on the customer needs as the clients satisfaction drives us.

This is done through a systematic and demonstrative rationale that is effective in attaining the set goals and objectives Why come to us  Our services are effective and cost-effective for alcohol and drug dependence.  The treatment addresses multiple needs of an individual with the client assisting in identifying the areas that should be dealt with.  The best care will be provided based on scientific and evidence-based structures. The psychoanalytic model of addiction treatment We use the talk therapy to help the client stop the use of drugs. The practical needs of the clients are identified and support that aids in abstinence given. Some of the treatment interventions adopted include: Group interventions include a relapse prevention scheme and addressing the trauma related symptoms that may be evident in the client’s behaviors. In extreme cases, the patent may be incorporated in a psychotherapeutic interventions. This is done for a long-term intervention plan.

The members of the group occasionally discuss the ways of abstain from the abuse of substance. Brief intervention Brief intervention will help in ensuring that the client’s chances of continually using the drugs are minimized. This will go a long way in reducing the risks of harm associated with the drug as the chances that the client will abuse the drug gradually decline. Abstinence is emphasized since it is the greatest way of harm reduction. The particular objectives of each particular client are dependent on the individual consumption patterns and the consequences of the use of drugs. The consequences are as manifested in the individual’s social, psychological as well as the physical aspects of life Come to us and you will never regret choosing RRC Brief intervention allows for immediate success in the intervention process and the treatments involved. In special cases, intermediate objectives such as quitting a particular substance, lowering the frequencies of usage or attendance of meetings may be embraced. This is achieved through a clear set goals for each client depending on the needs and the nature/extent of the Substance abused. The intervention process is conducted in a customer friendly environment. This motivates the clients to Ideal Integrated Treatment Plan The treatment plan incorporates a medication-assisted program. This makes use of anti-depressant medication that is coupled 12-steps framework. In this case, the counsellor may use the family or group intervention structure. The client can be encouraged and directed towards joining and attending a self-help group. The attention of group members are focused towards are unified and accountable abstinence to drugs. The members share similar challenges in overcoming drug addiction and thus are in a better position to encourage one another.